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Meryl Zakat (aka Munna) the founder and CEO of Fācet By Meryl, is a young scientist with a deep passion for medicinal plants and their potential uses in cosmetic applications. While finishing her junior year of college in Biology and Chemistry at Bowie State University, she was accepted to Cornell University's MHIRT (Minorities in Health International Research Training) Program. The program was an internship, located in the Dominican Republic where Meryl was able to conduct specific research in her interest, tropical and otherwise plant life.


Meryl’s passion for skincare and products originated with her having an early diagnosis of cystic acne in elementary school. In college, she conducted research on the traditional medicinal plants that local botanists linked to curing skin infection and fungi including; Sea Purslane, Tabebuia Obovata, Aloe Vera, Catalpa and the African Palm. These plants were tested for medicinal properties by conducting bio-activity experiments on the plants’ extracts. These groups of plants were also known for affecting hair growth, as well. This knowledge interested Meryl even more as far as potentially being part of future product development.


Meryl perfected the ability to extract  medicinal properties from her plants. She tested those extracts against common forms of bacteria and fungi (E-scherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus(Staph infection), Listeria monocytogenes and Saccharamyces (fungus).


Upon her return to the United States, Meryl presented her research across the country to a variety of research conferences. She was awarded the Interdiciplinary and Chemistry Award for her presentation of Biological Activities of Medicinal Plants in the Dominican Republic at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Medical Students (ABRCMS), located in San Jose, Califronia.


Throughout this time she was able to treat herself through diet and natural remedies, as she was not satisfied with the side effects of ingredients in currently available commercial skin, body and hair products. She also was a natural hair stylist that specialized in protective hair styles.


Since then, she has launched her YouTube channel dedicated to personal growth, skin, hair and diet. As her passion has grown in business and finance as well, she is currently transforming all of her knowledge and experience into her own digital/online business, Fācet By Meryl LLC


Fācet By Meryl is dedicated to making products for everyone. With our name deriving from the word multifaceted, our products serve the same purpose.  ..everyone can use  



To provide an all natural/inclusive product line for men and women with all hair/skin types.

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